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     7 Best Acting Books Every Actor Must Read

    There is something an actor wants- acting books which are the best for them. There is no such thing as Best Acting Book for actors. Books are tricky things. They can provide values & knowledge to an actor and sometimes actors get so irritated & annoyed that they did not even finish the book. So, Everyone has a different opinion about the same book.

    Many Book offers different ideas and approaches to acting, while some are practical and some are theoretical. Actor takes some notes from both types of books & makes his own acting craft & own technique. Hence, it will help in the future.

    If you are Fresher or Experienced Actor, it does not matter. You should read a book related to acting because it will nurture you, polish you as an actor.

    There are so many books out there. Maybe it’s good or bad, it will be your opinion.  People say that some are born actors or he/she is from the industry, they don’t need to read a book. That’s not true. First of all, they read books, take acting classes, develop their acting skills & present it to the audience.

    So, Here are some best acting books for aspiring actors.

    Some Great Books Every Actor Should Read:-

    1. “An Actor Prepares” by Constantin Stanislavski

    This is the most famous acting training book & still relevant to today’s generation. It was first published in 1936. The book checks the internal preparation for an actor to give an authentic performance. He wrote other books like Building a Character and Creating a Role which is also useful for the actor.

    2. “Meisner on Acting” by Sanford Meisner

    This book teaches the test of time. It also encourages actors to follow instinct and impulse. Above all, It shows how 16 actors develop and change over 15 months.

    3. “The Art of Acting” by Stella Adler

    It gives twenty-two lessons of her teaching & decades of experience. She also  offered her vast acting knowledge to generations.The actor whom she taught were Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty &  Marlon Brando.

    4. “The Intent to Live” By Larry Moss

    Larry Moss is one of the acting teachers in the world. He uses his knowledge of Stanislavsky, Meisner, Adler, and Strasberg & by combining them to create a must-have knowledge book for an actor &  has worked with Jason Alexander, Hilary Swank, Leonardo DiCaprio, and so many others.

     Top Acting Books

    5. “Respect for Acting” & “Challenge to Actor” by Uta Hagen

    Uta Hagen had inspired many actors over the years. She was one of the great classical acting teachers. Her book was first published in 1973. It is an easy read and still offers even more advanced teaching and many practical activities for the actor to help develop their craft.

    6. “To the Actor” by Michael Chekhov

    This is a great staple of theater studies and development. Chekhov goes into detail on his views as a director and a teacher and described his approach to acting and theater. As a result, The book includes various exercises and a chapter dedicated to acting for the screen.

    7. “A Dream Of Passion” by Lee Strasberg

    This is most famous about Method acting – an acting form that applied by many successful actors.The book was published on October 1st, 1988. Similarly, there were a ton of great anecdotes and examples of how the “method” works.

    Finally, there are also other books of actors like Michael Caine and Bryan Cranston which will help you understand the craft of acting.

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