Acting Tips For Beginners

    10 Acting Tips For Beginners

    If you are a beginner at anything, you need something to start with especially in acting.You need some acting tips for beginners which will help you in acting. It is a learning process.There are no shortcuts in acting. You have to work hard for it. Otherwise, it is a waste of time. Do not try to copy another actor. Bring your own craft in acting while shooting.

    Acting Tips For Beginners

     Here are some tips on acting for beginners

    1.Gain some experience

    Whether you tried to make it in the Hollywood or Bollywood Industry, you should have some knowledge of acting. By doing theatre, joining some acting school, etc you will able to gain some knowledge about acting like its history, etc.

    2.Get exposure to acting

    On a daily basis do at least 1 thing daily whether it’s a watch, observe, read or study. Watch films & TV shows(Hollywood or Bollywood), watch actors performing live at the theatre, study some books on acting and also nowadays digital streaming services also available.

    3.Understand the script

    Once you’ve had the experience, it’s time for you to start giving auditions. Sign up for casting companies and go to as many open auditions as possible. After giving your self-introduction video and they give you the script. Understand the script is the most important work at the audition because it tests the thinking of an actor. What’s it about? Maybe it’s an introduction scene or climax etc. It can be anything.

    4.Understand the characters

    This is the most difficult factor an actor has to do because, in the script, a character can be any type of person like a romantic lover, an army officer, any sports player, can be a rich guy/girl or a poor person. An actor’s job is to bring the characteristics of that person on screen or stage like it’s personality, nature, attitude, etc.

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    5.Apply mind & body connection

    Mind, Voice, Diction & Body Language are the work of an actor for the character.

    • Mind- Actor should have a positive mind about everything around his surroundings.
    • Voice- You should have a clear and powerful voice, especially in theatre. In Hollywood, if an actor can speak different accents, different languages, etc then it’s a plus point. Similarly, In Bollywood having the knowledge of different languages is beneficial for an actor.
    • Diction- It is your job to ensure that your voice and diction are communicating the language with the audience especially on stage.
    • Body Language- The character facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space, etc are things an actor should know.

    6.Be observant & versatile.

    Always try to observe people, their lifestyle, the way of walking & talking, how they treat each other and don’t just be the guy or girl who always plays the love interest. Get out of your comfort zone. In your first film, if you are getting a part where you have to play a villain, gay, comic, supporting character, etc then just do it. Always Challenge Yourself

    7.Practice everyday

    Whether you are a fresher or an experienced actor, you should practice acting every day. It is a never-ending process. If you do not have money to join the acting institute, then you should practice acting at home every day by doing different exercises.

    8.Join community

    Always join these communities like Actors’ Equity Association(AEA) in USA, Cine And TV Artistes’ Association(CINTAA) in India & Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) in Australia. These types of communities always help actors as well as other artists too. They charge some extra fees too. You can check out their details on

    9.Get some headshots.

    It is a necessity to have some professional headshots of an actor. Yes, it is expensive but it will bring returns for your future. If you don’t have money, then you can shot at your smartphones. Keep in mind that pictures should be clear, not photoshopped.

    10.Have an agent

    One of the most important things an actor has to do is find a good agent. Not an easy task but when you find it, it will become easier to find work. This concept usually follows in Hollywood rather than Bollywood.

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