Acting tips for Auditions

    7 Acting Tips For Auditions

    You want to succeed in auditions right? Passing the auditions is one of the stages for you to become an actor. You are gonna need some acting tips for auditions that will help you pass in that stage. There will a lot of hurdles until you book the job. Many aspiring actors failed in those stages of auditions whether its call read, improv audition because of lack of tips & tricks on auditions.

    So, Here are some acting tips for auditions that will help you get the job:

    Acting tips for auditions

    Tips For Auditions On Acting

    1. Remember Your Lines

    Whether you are in Hollywood or Bollywood, an actor has to remember the lines. First of all, If they have given a script, you have to understand it, memorize it, play it on audition & If not, prepare your own monologue from a play, or movie, etc.

    2. Bring out the power of C- Confident, Connection & Character

    You have to bring confidence in yourself & in your character. The fear of not getting the part sometimes destroys your performance. It is all about your deep connection to the character because of that you will be getting callbacks. Maybe even get the part eventually.

    3. Don’t make excuses & be professional

    Always reach on time while going for an audition. Don’t blame on other things like having a cold & cough, stuck in traffic, family emergency, etc. It is true that the dress code is given on some auditions but not on every audition. Always carry some clothes, trimmer in your backpack because you don’t know the characteristics of a character. This is your passion so you have to be professional.

     Some Adding Act Tips For Actors

    4. Add Varieties to your character

    On auditions, everyone is given a chance to prove themselves as an actor in 2 min (approx). A smart aspiring actor is one who uses this opportunity by doing the unexpected. But listen very carefully, you have to do it within your character’s imagination. It can be applied in any stage of audition whether it’s individual, screen test or group scene.

    5. Don’t show your mistakes

    Everyone is human, right? We all make mistakes. Sometimes it is quite possible that you made a mistake on audition like fumbling words, get out of your character, forget your lines, etc. Just do not show it to people. Firstly,  get in the character, make a new line & move on with the character.

    Acting tips for auditions 2

     6. Just Smile & Learn

    Always keep a smile on your face. Just because you didn’t get the part, that does not mean you have to feel sad, start judging yourself. Because of this you would not able to concentrate on the next audition. Always think positively. Maybe there is a bigger part waiting for you. Audition is not about getting the part, it’s about doing justice with your character. You will do that by learning the art of acting every day.

    7. Prepare Good Headshots & Resume

    This is the most important. Make a good resume in which you can write all details related to you like education, contact information, experience, training & other skills, etc. Always carry some pics of yours, headshots pics with yourself because it shows how you look on camera. If you don’t have those, it will look like you came unprepared.

    If you want to learn some acting tips for auditions, there are books called “Audition” by Micheal Shurtleff & “Actions: The Actor’s Thesaurus” by Marina Caldarone and Maggie Lloyd-Williams. You can get some tips here also.

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